Amtico Floor Cleaning in Cheshire.

Amtico flooring comes in many beautiful patterns and can replicate most floor types while giving you an easy maintenance for your flooring.

Occasionally though you need a professional Amtico floor cleaning specialist to strip off the old sealer, (if it’s been sealed), clean the floor and then replace the old sealer with new. Done properly we can produce amazing results, and if your floor has been sealed well in the past we can transform your floor to like new condition.

If you would like any help or specialist advice regarding Amtico Floor Cleaning please give us a call on 01606 74298 and we will be happy to help.

Amtico Floor Cleaning.

Amtico Floor Cleaning in Cheshire mid1

Amtico Floor Cleaning.

Amtico Floor Cleaning in Cheshire mid

How we clean Amtico floors

To clean Amtico we use a mild stripping solution to take off the old seal and soiling, revealing your original floor. After protecting all your worktops doors and surfaces using masking tape and polythene sheeting We then apply a mild stripping solution to the floor, we leave this to dwell for a minute or 2 to break down any sealers and soils on the floor. After dwell time we use a rotary machine with a soft Pad to scrub the floor and assist the sripping solution. Once all the seal and dirt has been broken down we then use a contained jet wand to rinse the floor thoroughly making sure we remove all the old sealer and any solutions we put on the floor in the first place. The floor then needs to be dried, we use snail blowers to dry the floor rapidly, once dry we can then proceed with the sealer.

The look of the sealer is up to you. Whether you want a dull look or a high shine, We have matt sealer, satin sealer, gloss sealer and high-gloss sealer for you to choose from.

Before Cleaning

Amtico Floor Cleaning in Cheshire before

After Cleaning

Amtico Floor Cleaning Cheshire after

Sealing your freshly cleaned floor.

Amtico flooring is beautiful, but it can get scratched through furniture, shoes, pets or that accident waiting to happen. Applying a sealer over your flooring protects it, the hard polyurethane sealer once applied leaves a barrier, a barrier which you can scratch to your heart’s content, once scratched and dirty you can then remove the sealer and replace the sealer with new. Whereas, if you have no sealer and you scratch the floor, the only way to get scratches out of the floor now is to replace it. So it makes sense to apply a sealer to a very expensive and yet beautiful floor.

We offer a free no obligation quote and test patch, just give us a call and we will come out, have a chat, clean a small area of your floor and then give you a quote on the full price, we then leave you in piece to discuss what you want to do and hopefully you choose us to fully restore and protect your beautiful Amtico flooring

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