Porcelain Tile Floor Cleaning in Cheshire.

Porcelain tiles come in many guises, large small, rough smooth, high shine dull, stone replicas and many other types, each one beautiful in there own right. Some porcelain tiles very rarely get dirty and some have textures that hold onto dirt and grease making them hard to clean yourself, plus there is the issue of the grout lines which always end up discolouring either through dirt, grease or food spills. Pets also cause discolouration and damage to grout making it look old and tired and very hard to clean yourself.

If you would like any help or specialist advice regarding Porcelain Tile Floor Cleaning please give us a call on 01606 74298 and we will be happy to help.

Porcelain Tile Floor Cleaning.

Porcelain Tile Floor Cleaning in Cheshire4

Porcelain Tile Floor Cleaning.

Porcelain Tile Floor Cleaning in Cheshire2

How we clean Porcelain Tile floors

Protecting the surrounding areas is our main task when attempting any cleaning in a customer’s house. We use polythene sheets fixed with masking tape to protect cupboard doors and skirting from splashes from our machinery. Once all is protected we can get on with the main task of restoring your porcelain tiles and grout.

First thing we do with porcelain is test to make sure ther are no hidden agendas, porcelain can be funny to clean sometimes and an untrained technician could cause far more damage than you’d think. Rare as it is we air on the side of caution and always do our porcelain tests. You can never be too carefull.

Once testing is over we spray down special solutions onto the porcelain tiles and grout and leave for a short period to break down the soils and grease. We then use a rotary machine with a soft brush head to scrub the floor. After this we manually scrub the grout lines using a long handled and sometimes short handled grout brush. The floor is then rinsed using a contained water wand specifically for hard floors using hot water, we then check the floor and re-clean if needs be, we sometimes change solutions if the grout has not come up as good as we anticipated.  There are also problems like grout haze after a tiler has finished grouting, they sometimes leave a very thin layer of grout which would also need to be removed, we usually assess this early on at the quote stage so you’ll get no hidden surprises from us.

If for some strange reason the grout lines are still not looking there best then the final alternative is a recolour. Something we also offer our customers.

Porcelain Tile Floor Cleaning

Porcelain Tile Floor Cleaning in Cheshire1

Porcelain Tile Floor Cleaning

Porcelain Tile Floor Cleaning in Cheshire3

Sealing your freshly cleaned floor.

Once we have given you the desired look for your tile and grout floor we actually seal the floor, Porcelain is very slightly porous and therefore will take a solvent based seal. We totally seal (impregnate) the whole floor including the grout lines to give your flooring not just the protection it needs from food and drink spills plus pet accidents, it also makes the floor easier to maintain and helps it stay cleaner for a whole lot longer.

We can come out and have a chat, do a free demonstration clean, give you an honest fixed price and then leave you to decide if we are the company for you, remember we never hard sell our services, we are a family run business and treat all our customer the way we want to be treated, fair and honest from the word go.

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