Slate Floor Cleaning in Cheshire.

If you’re calling us about your slate floor cleaning needs, then you’ve probably tried everything to clean it yourself to no avail. There are two types of slate floor, natural black slate which we see all the time and the slightly rarer, coloured slate which has many names. Both floors can be cleaned in the same way and also sealed in the same way but with different outcomes. (See pictures of slate floors)

If you would like any help or specialist advice regarding Slate Floor Cleaning please give us a call on 01606 74298 and we will be happy to help.

Black Slate Floor Cleaning.

Slate Floor Cleaning in Cheshire mid

Coloured Slate Floor Cleaning.

Slate Floor Cleaning in Cheshire after1

How we clean slate floors

After the initial visit where we discuss everything about your slate floor cleaning needs, we then arrange a date to come and clean. Our first procedure is to protect all surfaces from splashes while we are cleaning, so we use polythene sheets on all your cupboards and skirting boards to protect them from splashes off the machine, we also use a skirt on the machine as a secondary barrier to be extra careful.

After we’ve protected everything we commence with the clean. We determine what soiling levels are in the floor first and then proceed with the right solution to break down these soils. The solution is sprayed down onto the floor and then left to dwell while we set up the rotary machine. We then add weight to the rotary machine, some scrubbing brushes are then attached to the bottom and we commence, scrubbing in the solution to help break down all the soils, not just on the slate but also in between the grout lines, due to the unevenness of the floor, brushes are the only thing that can get into all the cracks, ridges and grooves that slate has. We then spray a bit more solution down and manually scrub the grout lines again to make sure we haven’t missed any. Once this is done and we are happy we start to rinse the floor using extremely hot water from our extraction machine. The machine is so big it needs to stay in the van and we run pipes from the van into the property to be cleaned. We use a special wand which enables us to jet wash and rinse the floor without getting water all over the place. Once the floor his thoroughly rinsed we can then start the drying process. Fan dryers are strategically placed in the room to help the floor dry quickly. Once dry it is time to commence sealing the floor. We always discuss prior to cleaning the different types of sealers we have on offer, from natural impregnating sealers to oil based to topical sealers, we have a choice and a finished look to suit most customers and the look they are wanting.

Before Cleaning

Slate Floor Cleaning in Cheshire before

After Cleaning

Slate Floor Cleaning in Cheshire after

Sealing your freshly cleaned floor.

After the slate floor cleaning process has been completed. Sealers can now be applied to the floor, sometimes several coats to give a look and a feel that will last for ages and help you keep on top, and maintain your floors so much easier, we even leave you with some specially formulated slate floor cleaner that is totally neutral so won’t leave any sticky, soil attracting residues. This will help you keep your floor looking fantastic for a lot longer than usual.

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