Travertine Floor Cleaning in Cheshire.

We offer a full Travertine restoration service from Travertine floor cleaning, polishing, sealing and hole repair to give your floor that revived new look again.

One of the most popular floors on the market, travertine can give a certain elegance to any kitchen, bathroom, hall etc…. and if looked after properly can be a great floor to self maintain, using the professional like us to periodically deep clean and seal to protect the limestone from going brittle and starting to crumble. Acids spills, dirt, pet claws and stiletto’s are the main cause of travertine holes and deterioration so if you want to keep your travertine looking its best then you need a company like us to help you keep it that way.

If you would like any help or specialist advice regarding Travertine Floor Cleaning please give us a call on 01606 74298 and we will be happy to help.

 Travertine Floor Cleaning

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Travertine Floor Cleaning

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How we clean Travertine floors

As always we like to come out and do an on-site quote, to discuss your Travertine floor cleaning needs. We do this so we can discuss what type of look you want to see in the floor, we can also do a free no obligation test patch, this not only gives you the customer a real idea on how the floor will look when we finish but also it will give us a chance to test a few products to determine the best way to get the best result. Not only that but we can also assess the floor structurally to make sure it can be cleaned safely and to a high standard.

Once we have done a demo patch and you’ve decided you want the floor cleaning, we choose a date to suit you and commence with the clean.

Protecting your cupboards and paintwork is our first job so polythene sheets are put up on all surface we feel need protecting. Once protection is in place we spray down a solution that will tackle the type of soiling levels in the stone, this will have already been chosen on the demonstration test patch day.

Once sprayed down it is left to dwell and then agitated into the stone using a special brush attached to one of our heavy rotary machines. This special brush can get into all the nooks and crannies that a lot of Travertines have to offer. Small and big holes and deep grout lines are a cleaning and restoring company’s nightmare if they don’t have the right tools, fortunately no expense is spared when it comes to our company’s equipment. Once the floor has been sufficiently scrubbed we then jet wash the floor with a special hard floor wand, this contain the water so it doesn’t fly everywhere and is immediately sucked up so the floor doesn’t flood. Its fantastic to watch the dirty slurry be rinsed off to reveal the beautiful clean travertine tiles underneath. We then use a grout brush to improve the grout lines and a hand brush to clean out any holes that are left dirty. If you are having your holes repaired then once the floor is brilliantly clean we start to fill in the holes which we said we would repair at the time of the quote, if any other holes appear after and during the clean we will repair those free of charge.

Travertine Floor Cleaning

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Travertine Floor Cleaning

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Sealing your freshly cleaned floor.

Once cleaned, repaired and dried we then seal the floor using a choice of sealers which have been discussed, prior to commencing the job.

Your Travertine floor is now looking amazing and more importantly, easy to clean and maintain. We leave you with some simple cleaning instructions and a good few months supply of neutral cleaning fluid to help you maintain your floor and to keep it looking its best for a lot longer.