York Flag Stone Cleaning in Cheshire.

York flag stone flooring (similar to Indian stone) has got to be our all time favourite floor to clean. Why? Well usually by time we get there its past its best looking, usually fitted in farm kitchens and very busy households, and because of the softness of the stone it soon gets dirty, but once it is its near enough impossible to clean unless you call in a true professional, that’s where we come in to totally transform these beautiful floors back to their former glory. The colours and fossils found in these floors are easily forgotten after a few years of being dirty so to see them restored is without doubt, the most satisfying part of our job, especially when the owner see’s it for the first time after we’ve cleaned it.

If you would like any help or specialist advice regarding York Flag Stone Floor Cleaning please give us a call on 01606 74298 and we will be happy to help.

York Flag Stone Cleaning.

York Flag Stone Cleaning in Cheshire before1

York Flag Stone Cleaning.

York Flag Stone Cleaning in Cheshire after1

How we clean York Flag Stone floors

Cleaning these floors can be a messy job if you don’t spend time protecting your surroundings and controlling your machinery, something that we take seriously when we come to clean at your home or workplace. So our first step is to sheet up delicate cupboards and other items that could damage from splashes, we also use a skirt on our machinery which also aids in the protection of your items. Once all is protected we commence by wetting the floor with just water, Why? Well Indian stone is very absorbent and the last thing we want to do is waste our cleaning products inside the stone rather than on top where all the dirt and grime is, so the water absorbs into the stone, we then prespray our chosen soil breaker to break up all the years of soil and domestic cleaning products which have built up, layer upon layer over the years. We then move in with our rotary machines, fitted with hard brushes to aid the cleaning solution, we can also add weight to our machines for better and faster results. Once the soiling has been broken down we use hot water to rinse the floor using a specially adapted dome washer, the dome protects the surrounding areas while we rinse and extract all the dirty waste off the floor. Most Indian stone floors will only need cleaning just the once but occasionally we will repeat the process again if not satisfied with our original results. We then use large industrial drying fans to help remove moisture from the stone so we can move on to sealing.

Before Cleaning

York Flag Stone Cleaning in Cheshire before

After Cleaning

York Flag Stone Cleaning in Cheshire after

Sealing your freshly cleaned floor.

Once the floor is clean and dry we can commence sealing, there are 3 types of seals which we will talk you through at the free no obligation quote phase. We have 2 impregnating sealers, these sit inside the stone and act as a barrier so nothing else can get into the stone, one natural look and the other is oil based so enhances the colours and fossils (recommended for these types of floors), the other sealer is a topical sealer which sits in and on top of the stone. These can be built up in layers to form a shine on the surface of your stone. We explain all the choices and then apply the one you decide upon.

Your York stone floor is now back to how it looked all them years ago when it was laid, with the added bonus that next time you do your normal daily/weekly clean, it will actually be very easy to clean and maintain, and will also dry extremely quickly due to the repellence of the sealers.

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